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About S.B. Rod Ends

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The Struening Bearings Co., Ltd. (S.B. Rod Ends) was established in 1989, mainly in manufacturing rod end and spherical bearings. Our firm plays as a leading role on bearing manufacture technologies in Taiwan, and specializes in rod end bearings, spherical bearings, link ball bearings and rod end linkages.

We not only have automatized production, precise assembly, stable and high quality products, but also provide timely delivery of quality products at very competitive market prices.

Research and Development Ability

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The core competence of our corporation is Research and Development. R & D ability has been applied to manufacture various products. Our goals of expanding mainly focus on the connecting engineering, rod end linking solutions to industrial usages and commercial consumers, and helping clients to solve the difficulties in joint connecting.

Automatic Manufacturing Processes

  • Auto-feeding and auto-cutting CNC/ NC lathes
  • Automatic robot manufacturing systems
  • Precise CNC/ NC grinding machines
  • High performance hydraulic press machines
  • Precise assembling molds

3Q System - Quality Assurances

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ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for a quality management system since 2006. Meanwhile, we follow Quality Assurances system to ensure the quality meets our high standards. This consists of three main parts:

  •  Assurance of Design Quality (ADQ)
  •  Assurance of Manufacturing Quality (AMQ)
  •  Assurance of Customer Quality (ACQ)

  • This system continuously reviews design and manufacturing quality of our products and services. ADQ emphasizes on function and performance review; AMQ includes strength and durability test, and ACQ is centered on technical supports and satisfactions.